Join the Watchdog Club

Wisconsin needs authoritative, nonpartisan investigative reporting and fearless, well-trained investigative journalists to hold the powerful accountable and improve the quality of life for residents.

We invite you to join a network of people and corporations who take a leadership role in sustaining investigative reporting, and the training of investigative journalists.

The Watchdog Club is a group of individuals, families and corporations committed to supporting the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and its mission — to increase the quality, quantity and understanding of investigative journalism to foster an informed citizenry and strengthen democracy.

Watchdog Club members celebrated the successful launch at a February 2018 reception featuring Walt Bogdanich, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist at The New York Times and a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate. Additional events for club members include coffee conversations with NPR’s Eric Deggans and David Folkenflik, and an evening with former New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.

Watchdog Club members share the distinction of being WCIJ’s most generous and loyal contributors, giving $1,000 or more per household. Members are WCIJ’s ambassadors. They help WCIJ to excel and innovate, while fostering an informed citizenry and strengthening our democracy.

Right now is a fantastic time to join the Watchdog Club. That’s because gifts to WCIJ are being doubled, up to $1,000 per donor, from now through Dec. 31. If you set up recurring donations, they will be matched at a full-year value to encourage sustaining support of WCIJ. For example, a new $20-a-month donation now is eligible for an immediate $240 match. The matching funds come from NewsMatch, a national campaign to encourage grassroots support of the nonprofit news sector.

As an added incentive, several current Watchdog Club members will match new club members’ gifts. This means that, combined with NewsMatch, new Watchdog Club members’ donations of $1,000 will be tripled.


The Watchdog Club was created in 2017 to enrich members’ experience with investigative journalism, and to involve these loyal members in efforts to transform WCIJ into a larger, more financially resilient organization. WCIJ is built on three guiding principles: Protect the vulnerable. Expose wrongdoing. Explore solutions.

Members enjoy a full year of “behind the story” insights, events and benefits while building a legacy that will inform residents and strengthen our democracy for decades to come.

Questions? Contact Andy Hall, executive director, at