Wisconsin Weekly: When blue-green algae comes back, NASA will track it

NASA tracks algae blooms; nature of human trafficking revealed; Illinois legalizes pot; foreigners own more farmland; and marine sanctuary for WI eyed
Of note: This week we highlight a story about NASA using its sophisticated technology to track potentially harmful and definitely nasty blue-green algae in Lake Michigan’s bay of Green Bay. Such an outbreak in Lake Erie forced residents of Toledo, Ohio to avoid tap water in 2014. That same year, Wisconsin Watch published Murky Waters, a series in collaboration with The Capital Times that explored the problem of algae plaguing Madison-area lakes. And a bit of in-house news: We  are unveiling a new logo that reflects our dedication to bold investigative reporting. Check out the new logo and the story behind it here.

Lead pipe replacement generates controversy, grade of ‘F’

WI wrangles over lead pipes while failing to ‘Get the lead out’; Foxconn confusion; solar advances
Of note: After years of ignoring the threat from lead water pipes, Wisconsin politicians are now fighting over how to replace them. Some Republican lawmakers are concerned that too much of Gov. Tony Evers’ lead pipe replacement program would go to Milwaukee. In 2016, Wisconsin Watch first alerted residents to the proliferation of drinking water pipes made of lead and the dangers they pose. Milwaukee has about 70,000 of Wisconsin’s 176,000 lead service lines and roughly 60 percent of all of the lead poisoned children in the state. Thanks for reading!