Investigating Organizations

How can I check up on a nonprofit group? What information is available on corporations operating in my state? What can I learn about labor unions? What can I learn about an employer’s record on workplace safety?

Campaign finance, lobbying and elections

How can I dig into state campaign finance data? How can I find who is lobbying whom over what? How do I find similar information on campaign finance and lobbying in other states? How do I track campaign donations and spending for federal candidates, like U.S. senators and congresspeople? How can I correlate contributions to votes?

Lead pipe replacement generates controversy, grade of ‘F’

WI wrangles over lead pipes while failing to ‘Get the lead out’; Foxconn confusion; solar advances
Of note: After years of ignoring the threat from lead water pipes, Wisconsin politicians are now fighting over how to replace them. Some Republican lawmakers are concerned that too much of Gov. Tony Evers’ lead pipe replacement program would go to Milwaukee. In 2016, Wisconsin Watch first alerted residents to the proliferation of drinking water pipes made of lead and the dangers they pose. Milwaukee has about 70,000 of Wisconsin’s 176,000 lead service lines and roughly 60 percent of all of the lead poisoned children in the state. Thanks for reading!

Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism wins 15 Milwaukee Press Club awards for 2018 work

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism won 15 honors from the Milwaukee Press Club’s 2018 Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism contest for stories, photographs, audio reports and a documentary, the club announced Tuesday. Some of the awards were won in conjunction with University of Wisconsin-Madison students or Wisconsin Public Radio, which works closely with the Center to produce in-depth online and audio news reports. Winners of the first, second and third place awards will be announced at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Milwaukee on May 10. Since its founding in 2009, the Center has won 77 honors from the Milwaukee Press Club, which runs Wisconsin’s premiere all-media journalism contest. “We are thrilled by the recognition of our work.