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State overlooks past, hires Accenture

Walker’s Department of Administration has signed a $58.6 million contract with Accenture to implement a massive state information technology project called STAR. Accenture was essentially booted from another state project in 2007.

The Legislature’s unfinished business

There remain hundreds of bills, including ones dealing with rubber duck races, drones and woodchucks, in the session’s remaining year. These could pass, be voted down, or face a slow death of neglect.

Your Right to Know / Don’t shield donor employer info

Grothman’s bill would raise the threshold for when donors to state and local campaigns must disclose their occupations and eliminate the requirement that the donor’s principal place of employment be disclosed.

Elections need army of poll workers

Bills now before the state Legislature would let municipalities use poll workers from anywhere within their counties and tinker with rules that allow political parties to nominate poll workers.

Campaign cash is his niche

Julseth’s job is tracking the vast sums flowing into the state’s political system — date by date, donor by donor, dollar by dollar.

Unions sapped, other lobbying strong

Special interest groups in Wisconsin spent less trying to sway state law and policy in the first half of 2013 than in comparable past periods. But it’s still a whole lotta moolah: more than $17 million.

Out-of-state donors buoy Walker

Of the $3.5 million received by Walker in the first six months of this year, nearly $2 million came from out of state. This continues a trend that began when Walker first announced sweeping changes to the collective bargaining power of most public employees.

Dollars grease skids for school choice

Some GOP lawmakers oppose expanding the voucher program; others tie their support for the budget to its inclusion. Among the latter is state Sen. Rick Gudex, R-Fond du Lac, who won a tight race last fall. The Federation for Children told the state it spent $145,000 on the race; it told supporters it spent $325,000.

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