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Podcast and gallery: Karst + waste + drinking water = trouble

Two bonus features supplementing last week’s major package on estrogenic wells in Wisconsin’s karst region.

Sand mining bill could also affect iron mine, factory farms

The impact of a controversial bill that would restrict local government regulation of frac sand mines might be broader than originally thought, affecting the proposed iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin and factory farms across the state, opponents said Thursday at a Capitol hearing.

Drugs found in Lake Michigan, miles from sewage outfalls

Prescription drugs are contaminating Lake Michigan two miles from Milwaukee’s sewage outfalls, suggesting that the lake is not diluting the compounds as most researchers expected, according to new research. Republished from Environmental Health News.

20 years after fatal outbreak, Milwaukee leads on water testing

Project page
Read more stories in the Center’s investigation of endocrine disruptors in the environment.
Study: Chemical blend lowers fish testosterone Researchers exposed minnows to a blend of linuron, an herbicide used to control grasses and weeds, and DEHP, a plasticizer used to make medical products.
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Project: Endocrine disruptors

Chemicals in our environment thought to mimic or block hormones have pervaded our waters at trace amounts, raising concerns for fish, wildlife and humans. On our project page, see all the Center’s stories, photos and multimedia in this ongoing investigation.

Studies: Endocrine disruptors, cocaine common in Minnesota waters

Environmental experts said the discoveries in lakes, rivers and streams increase the pressure on Wisconsin to figure out what’s in its water. A key Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources official said that the state’s waters were likely also contaminated, but that the state had no money for such monitoring.

Experts avoid sounding alarm on chemicals — but adjust their own habits

“It’s hard not to make people too worried about a lot of things,” said UW-Madison pediatric endocrinologist Ellen Connor, after running through a plethora of hypothesized health effects — genital abnormalities, tumors, lower sperm counts, diabetes, early puberty — and an equally long list of worrisome chemicals.

Tainted fish

The four groups of chemicals that trigger consumption advisories — PCBs, mercury, dioxins and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfate) — have all been associated with endocrine disruption.

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