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Wisconsin’s booming grape crop at risk from herbicide drift

Grape farmers in Wisconsin are facing a growing threat, and in many cases it is coming from their own neighbors. Herbicides that are used to kill weeds in crops such as corn and soybeans can be deadly to other plants, including grapes. Food or wine grape vines exposed to the chemicals may shrivel up, turn colors and grow strange, elongated new leaves.

Center’s possible eviction from UW: Summary and resources

A summary of what happened, news coverage and the Center’s response to the budget provision that would have evicted the Center from the University of Wisconsin.

Center’s eviction now in Walker’s court

The Center’s eviction is now in Walker’s court. Both houses of the state Legislature have declined to ax a state budget provision that would evict the Center from the University of Wisconsin and bar UW employees from working with it as part of their duties.

WCIJ Board of Directors statement on the Joint Finance Committee proposal to evict the Center from the UW

“We believe the Center can contribute much more in the future to Wisconsin citizens, faculty and students through its present location at the university. Thus, we respectfully request removal of language that would curtail what has been a productive and rewarding collaboration for all, providing students with pay, real-world experience and expanded opportunities for employment while helping residents understand major issues facing their communities.”

Lawmakers’ attempt to evict Center arouses national controversy

Motion 999 was approved 12-4 down party lines, with Republicans in the majority, around 6 a.m. The controversy and coverage began shortly afterward, from news organizations and groups across the nation and the political spectrum.

State hiring of contractors jumps 26%, but UW goes opposite way

State agencies’ hiring of outside contractors surged last year, according to a report quietly released by the state Department of Administration. The annual report, posted Monday on the DOA’s website, shows that state agencies spent $363.8 million on private contractors — an increase of 26 percent compared to the previous fiscal year.

‘I want the choir to sing’

Walker’s official calendars from his first 13 months in office chronicle these and scores more hours he spent building credentials with conservatives in Wisconsin and across the nation. The second installment in a three-part series.

Key findings: Mental health services at UW System campuses

More UW students are seeking mental health care, but not all campuses have enough staff to take care of them. Key findings from a the Center’s collaborative project with a UW-Madison journalism class.

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