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Wisconsin suicide rate drops in 2011

Newly released numbers show that Wisconsin’s suicide rate in 2011 saw its largest single-year plunge of the past 20 years, but the significance of this change is hard to determine.

Ignored and underfunded, mental health care thin at county jails

Key findings:
• Wisconsin’s county-run jails are overloaded with people with mental illness — but services are largely inadequate.
• The state Department of Corrections is charged with oversight but does not evaluate the quality of jails’ mental health care.
• For nearly a quarter-century, the Legislature has required the DOC to collect and summarize annual reports on jails’ mental health care, but most jails have not provided the information, and the DOC acknowledges it has not been asking for them.
• One-third of Wisconsin’s jails have been cited for inadequate suicide prevention efforts.

Campus mental health: Connect, learn, find help

About this story
Jenny Peek and Kate Prengaman reported this story with other journalism students in a UW-Madison class taught by Professor Deborah Blum, in collaboration with the nonprofit, nonpartisan Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and the Investigative Journalism Education Consortium, which includes Midwestern university journalism professors and students working on news projects in the public [...]

Minor offenders, major consequences

Wisconsin is one of 13 states that automatically place 17-year-olds in the adult criminal justice system. In the past few years, nearly one-third of states have passed laws to keep more young offenders in the juvenile justice system. But not Wisconsin.

The birth and life of “A Tribal Tragedy”

Our package on Native American suicides was published across the country, thanks to the help of Native media organizations.

Suicide: Learn more or find help

Educational resources and statistics; suicide prevention tips; crisis lines and other places to seek help. Includes links specific to Native American suicides.

A Tribal Tragedy: High Native American suicide rates persist

Fifteen years after Schuyler Webster took his own life at age 14, his mother still sees him everywhere.

Depressed mothers face barriers to treatment

More than 65 percent of depressed mothers don’t get adequate treatment for depression, according to a nationwide study released this fall by the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. The study of 2,130 women found that black, Hispanic and other minority mothers, as well as uninsured mothers, were among the least likely to be helped.

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