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Recall candidates raise more than $6 million

Last fall, the 41 candidates vying for 17 Wisconsin state Senate seats spent just over $4 million. That seemed like a lot of money at the time, but it’s already been surpassed in the much smaller number of state Senate recall elections now under way.

Campaign cash comes out as commercials

Negative messages have been a feature of political campaigns since Oorg challenged Grok: “His fault fire die.” But the ads in the current recall elections are extraordinary for several reasons.

Out-of-state money flows quietly in

Wisconsin’s recall elections, spurred by the turmoil over changes that undercut public employee unions, are seen as nationally significant. It’s no surprise they have drawn contributions from across the nation, in amounts large and small.

Candidate spending hits new highs in recalls

It’s still several weeks before the general elections, with big bucks yet to flow, but already Wisconsin’s recall-o-rama is awash in campaign cash — and at least one record will surely fall.

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