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Permits: What a frac sand mine needs

Overview of permits required to operate a frac-sand mine.

Frac sand in Wisconsin: Links and contacts

Resources to learn more.

Wisconsin milk board removes weight loss claims from website

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has retreated from claims that consuming dairy products could aid weight loss after some experts branded the statements “deceptive” and “discredited.”

Wisconsin milk board claims dairy aids weight loss

A major Wisconsin dairy group continues to promote dairy products for weight loss, four years after two national groups, under pressure from the Federal Trade Commission, agreed to stop.

Wisconsin milk board overstates dairy’s benefits to children, some experts say

The milk board, which spends nearly a million dollars a year promoting dairy’s health benefits to children, defended its conduct and said claims were based in science.

Sand mining surges in Wisconsin

This western Wisconsin community is in the midst of a land rush — call it a sand rush — fueled by exploding nationwide demand for fine silica sand used in hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas. At least 16 frac sand mines and processing facilities are operating, and an additional 25 sites are proposed, in a diagonal swath stretching across 15 Wisconsin counties from Burnett to Columbia, the Center has found.

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