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MapLight now tracking groups’ political contributions

It makes sense to study contributions in search of larger patterns. So MapLight, a national nonpartisan research organization, recently launched a new feature that tracks campaign contributions by company for the U.S. Congress and two state legislatures, in California and Wisconsin.

Out-of-state donors play growing role in supporting — and opposing — Walker

Scott Walker got elected mainly with the support of Wisconsin residents. But if there’s a recall election, whoever wins will have many out-of-state donors to thank.

Nearly half of the $5.1 million raised by the embattled Republican governor since July 1 came from outside of Wisconsin.

Realtors collect cash for politics, but some members object

As Darcy Haber sees it, being a member of the Wisconsin Realtors Association is not an option; it’s a professional necessity. That’s why she’s upset that part of her past dues to the WRA have gone to groups she does not wish to support, as will an even larger share of future dues.

Walker recall could open spending spigot

Some Wisconsin residents are still reeling from this summer’s recall elections, in which spending on nine state Senate races was estimated at $44 million, or about $57 per vote. But, as a wise man once said, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Legislative aides help out with campaign cash

State legislative aides gave over $47,000 to legislative campaigns in the 2009-2010 election cycle. Why are aides significant donors to legislative campaigns? One answer is obvious: Their jobs depend on their bosses being reelected.

The selling of school choice

A vast and interconnected array of school choice proponents — including the Walton family, heirs to the Walmart fortune — is changing the face of education in Wisconsin. Part one of three in a series.

Lawmaker puts positive spin on campaign cash

Robin Vos, R-Rochester, is co-chair of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee and has vast license to shape Wisconsin’s priorities. Some say Vos’ position makes him especially susceptible to special interests seeking to influence the process through campaign contributions. But Vos insists that’s not happening.

Out-of-state money flows quietly in

Wisconsin’s recall elections, spurred by the turmoil over changes that undercut public employee unions, are seen as nationally significant. It’s no surprise they have drawn contributions from across the nation, in amounts large and small.

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