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Shot fired, texts deployed at UW

Police at the University of Wisconsin-Madison used an unprecedented amount of texts and social media to communicate with campus during an emergency Sept. 18.

Racine murder case gets benefit of teamwork that helps ‘connect the dots’

a report exploring a cold case in Racine involving one of the city’s worst mass shootings. Because of teamwork involving a private homicide review team, charges have now been filed against two men — eight years after the violence that left three people dead and four injured.

Madison cold case gets warmer

The investigation of Andrew Nehmer’s 1986 murder highlights both the opportunities that new technologies present for solving old crimes and the challenges posed by degraded evidence, vanishing witnesses and fading memories.

Police account of shooting disputed

The owner of a home mistakenly entered by an intoxicated neighbor who was shot and killed by a Madison police officer arriving on the scene said he tried repeatedly to inform the officer that the intruder was someone known to him.

Racial disparities in Wisconsin arrests

The situation facing Dane County indicates a problem that pervades the whole  state.

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