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GOP pressed on redistricting

Wisconsin’s last redistricting, after the 2010 Census, was done in secret and cost taxpayers more than $2 million. Ruling Republicans strategically carved districts to maximize their electoral prospects, much as Democrats would had done had they been able.

State agency lags on records compliance

To assess the DOA’s performance, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analyzed the nearly 200 records requests the agency received in the first six months of 2012. The analysis found the DOA took an average of 24 days to provide records or denials.

Don’t hike cost of public records

By Mike Juley
A ruling last year by the Wisconsin Supreme Court involving the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel became the focus of attention Feb. 27, when a state Assembly committee held a public hearing on a bill, AB 26, that would drastically increase the cost of obtaining public records.
The bill, if approved, would let custodians of public [...]

UW-Madison investigative reporting collaboration honored in APME award

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have won a national award for their collaborative efforts to produce investigative reporting. The Associated Press Media Editors’ first Innovator of the Year for College Students award cites the Center and school, which since 2009 have collaborated in classrooms and through paid internships.

Lawmakers on both ends of openness awards

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council is bestowing its annual “Opee” Awards for openness in government. And Wisconsin state lawmakers have been tapped for both kinds of awards — good as well as bad.

Let the sunshine in … please

It’s time once again for proponents of open government and the free flow of information to celebrate Sunshine Week. But this year, we’ll be doing it under a cloud.

Newspaper: Doyle refuses questions on travel expenses

At a Milwaukee event, the governor declined to respond to our report showing deficiencies in his reporting of travel expenses.

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