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Police account of shooting disputed

The owner of a home mistakenly entered by an intoxicated neighbor who was shot and killed by a Madison police officer arriving on the scene said he tried repeatedly to inform the officer that the intruder was someone known to him.

Obama preaches to choir in Madison

President Barack Obama returned to Madison today to rally his supporters to cast their votes tomorrow to help “finish what we started” with his election four years ago.

Twilight for Occupy movement?

Occupy Madison has maintained a nominal presence eight blocks from the Wisconsin state Capitol, the site of protests that have drawn tens of thousands of people as recently as mid-March. The site’s leaders are optimistic they will find a new location and firmly believe in their movement’s staying power. Yet it’s clear the Occupy movement, including the Madison encampment, is struggling to maintain relevance.

Let the sunshine in … please

It’s time once again for proponents of open government and the free flow of information to celebrate Sunshine Week. But this year, we’ll be doing it under a cloud.

WCIJ receives grant from Evjue Foundation

The charitable arm of Madison’s The Capital Times gives us $5,000.

Center sponsors investigative journalism workshop

Print, broadcast, online and student journalists from around the state are being invited to The Better Watchdog Workshop, presented by Investigative Reporters and Editors, in Madison on May 9 and 10.

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