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Rural Slide: Project Overview

In this three-part series, the Center’s Lukas Keapproth and Mario Koran explore how three Wisconsin counties are coping with their population changes — and potential statewide solutions to rural population loss.

Hispanic immigrants help rural county stave off population dip

Dairy farmer Jeremy Meissner and farm manager Huron Mireles are part of the reason Clark County’s population is growing while nearby counties’ levels are declining. Part three of three in the Center’s Rural Slide series.

Wisconsin officials strengthen fight against human trafficking

This week, about 300 Wisconsin law enforcement officials received training on how to identify cases of human trafficking — which often are not spotted because victims are fearful to speak out.

Slideshow: A community transformed (Dairyland Diversity Part 6)

Reporter Jacob Kushner and photographer Jake Naughton went to Darlington, Wis., for the latest installment of our Dairyland Diversity package (it’s here: Immigrant dairy workers transform a rural Wisconsin community). And they came back with an unusual coming-to-America story. One in which the old guard and the new wave are actually living in relative harmony.

Immigrant dairy workers transform a rural Wisconsin community

An influx of immigrants into Wisconsin’s dairy industry is giving a new Hispanic flavor to rural areas.

Wisconsin dairy farms are growing — along with their immigrant work forces

Wisconsin’s dairies are expanding, and they can’t do it without immigrant labor. Part 5 in our Dairyland Diversity project.

Immigrants help Wisconsin dairy farms. Will Congress help them?

Dairy farmers say they want access to immigrant workers without getting into legal trouble. But many lawmakers on Capitol Hill are running away from the issue.

Undocumented and driving without a license

Drivers beware: There’s a woman driving a stretch of Interstate 90 between Sparta and Tomah — without a license or any training about Wisconsin’s traffic laws.

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