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State weapons law conceals information

More than 4,000 applicants were denied a Wisconsin concealed carry license and more than 400 had their licenses revoked or suspended in the program’s first 14 months, records show. These included dozens of felons, domestic abusers, illegal drug users and “fugitives from justice.”

Police account of shooting disputed

The owner of a home mistakenly entered by an intoxicated neighbor who was shot and killed by a Madison police officer arriving on the scene said he tried repeatedly to inform the officer that the intruder was someone known to him.

Map: Wisconsin mass murders

In Wisconsin, guns were involved in all but four of the 29 multiple murders we know of since 1985. At least 105 people died in these incidents.

A long wait yields expansive new freedoms

Wisconsin’s new law, which allows citizens to carry concealed weapons, has been hailed by the NRA as “one of the nation’s strongest.”

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