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Watchdog toolkit

Tips on how to gather your own information about lobbying, campaign finance, bills and organizations in Wisconsin.

Lobby outlays drop in 2011-12

Newly released numbers show that lobbying in Wisconsin during the tumultuous 2011-12 legislative session totaled $62.9 million — not exactly chump change, but lower than the session before.

Contract lobbying still ‘under the radar’

In Wisconsin, any paid representative of an interest group who works to influence state law or policy must register with the state Government Accountability Board and file twice-yearly reports. But if a person works to help an interest group secure a state government contract has no registration or reporting requirement.

Mining expert lobbies, but is no lobbyist

The mining bill in the past legislative session drew more than 8,500 hours of lobbying activity by more than 50 groups. Sullivan’s role this time around seems as key as any of those efforts. But Sullivan is not a lobbyist.

Election law violations not easy to prove

Welcome to the byzantine world of elections law, where accusations always exceed enforcement.

Wisconsin better off than many, in new report on ethics enforcers

Many states’ ethics agencies aren’t provided with the resources and independence needed to carry out their responsibilities, according to a new report that casts Wisconsin’s efforts in a favorable light.

Yes, we have no super PACs

We may lack true super PACs in Wisconsin, but we certainly do have super spending.

Wisconsin receives C- for government accountability

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This story was produced with support from the State Integrity Investigation, a ranking of all 50 states’ corruption risk by the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International. The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism assessed Wisconsin for the project, which gave the state a C-, ranking 22nd among the states: [...]

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