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Big money backfires in local races

One day before the U.S. Supreme Court opened new spigots of campaign cash, well-funded groups seeking to sway elections in two northern Wisconsin counties, Polk and Iron, inadvertently drove home another point: Throwing money into the process can hurt as well as help.

Lobbyist bill draws sharp reactions

“No one outside of the Capitol Square in Madison has been clamoring for increasing the ability of lobbyists to make campaign contributions to legislators,” declared Jay Heck of Common Cause in Wisconsin.

Your Right to Know: Walker must answer questions on emails

Apparently, many of the hundreds of open records requests being made of Walker’s county office were going to the Walker campaign for review. Clearly, these were all public records and the campaign should have had no involvement whatsoever in their review or release.

Reports track campaign cash, lobbying

Donations to Walker of $1,000 or more accounted for $2.6 million, more than half his total take. Burke got about $870,000 in donations of at least $1,000, or 68 percent of her total, excluding herself.

State overlooks past, hires Accenture

Walker’s Department of Administration has signed a $58.6 million contract with Accenture to implement a massive state information technology project called STAR. Accenture was essentially booted from another state project in 2007.

Begging his pardon: Scott Walker gets earful on Pizer case

Through Jan. 1, Gov. Scott Walker received at least 19 written communications from citizens regarding the effort of Cpl. Eric Pizer to obtain a pardon so he can pursue his goal of becoming a police officer. All of these communications, mostly emails, urged the governor to grant Pizer a pardon.

State spending now an open book

The OpenBook Wisconsin site isn’t perfect. But it is a neat tool — providing, as Walker says, “greater access and transparency in our expenditures as a critical component of fostering (public) engagement.”

Walker’s no-pardon stance risky

Critics say pardons are an important task, not an insult to the justice system. The case involving the veteran, who served tours of duty in Kuwait and Iraq, casts this into sharp relief.

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