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Your voices: Testimonials about the Center

See all the latest updates on our Testimonials page, where new messages are added daily throughout December 2013.
“Wanted: A few kind words.”
With that email subject line, we reached out in December 2013 to journalists, journalism educators and the public, asking: “Would you be willing to write a sentence or so about the value of the [...]

Center responds to veto of eviction attempt, launches Education Fund drive

We thank Gov. Scott Walker for deleting this ill-conceived measure from the budget. The effort by an unnamed lawmaker or lawmakers to end the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism’s award-winning relationship with the University of Wisconsin, however, tells us that our reporting is making a difference.

Visualizations: Walker’s growing out-of-state support

Gov. Scott Walker’s speech in Iowa today is one in a flurry of out-of-state appearances that have stoked talk of a possible presidential run. Jessica Arp of WISC-TV produced a report last night on the situation, using some context provided by the Center.

Cash from Wisconsin rocked Pennsylvania governor’s race

At a campaign stop near Philadelphia early in his 2010 bid for governor, Republican Tom Corbett announced, “We’ve got to raise money,” calling this his campaign’s “No. 1” priority. That same July day, a $1.5 million contribution arrived — from Wisconsin. Barry Kauffman, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania, calls this well-traveled donation a prime example of “an elaborate money-laundering scheme” used by the RGA with success in a number of races for governor in 2010 — one that is legal.

Out-of-state donors play growing role in supporting — and opposing — Walker

Scott Walker got elected mainly with the support of Wisconsin residents. But if there’s a recall election, whoever wins will have many out-of-state donors to thank.

Nearly half of the $5.1 million raised by the embattled Republican governor since July 1 came from outside of Wisconsin.

News about us: Transparency in donations

We want you to know who’s supporting the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. That’s why the Center’s Board of Directors recently voted on a fund-raising policy that formalizes a practice we have been following – disclosing all the names of all our donors.

IRS approves Center’s request for tax-exempt status

Just in time for Tax Day, the Internal Revenue Service has approved the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism’s request for exemption from federal income tax.
The ruling, dated April 6, means that the Center is a public charity and that contributions to it are tax-deductible.
Originally posted April 15, 2009

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