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Neighbors diverge on health care

People in Wisconsin and Minnesota living just barely above the poverty line are about to see their health care fortunes change — in opposite directions.

Slaughterhouses across the country: A collaborative map

The Center helped Harvest Public Media map meat packers nationwide for a Harvest series, “In the Shadows of the Slaughterhouses.”

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices tend to favor attorney donors

Justice Shirley Abrahamson was the top recipient of support from attorneys whose cases reached the Supreme Court, pulling in $188,650 over the past 11 years, a Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analysis shows. Overall, justices tended to rule in favor of clients whose attorneys contributed to the justices’ election campaigns.

Supreme Court justices and their attorney donors: About the analysis

How the Center analyzed the relationship between campaign finance data and Wisconsin Supreme Court case outcomes, and a summary of the main findings showing that justices tended to favor their attorney donors.

October update: Wisconsin’s frac sand industry map

Wisconsin’s frac sand boom may have slowed, but the number of permitted and proposed facilities still has grown since the Center’s May tally.

Wisconsin suicide rate drops in 2011

Newly released numbers show that Wisconsin’s suicide rate in 2011 saw its largest single-year plunge of the past 20 years, but the significance of this change is hard to determine.

Nationwide, abortion restrictions proliferate

The New York-based Remapping Debate has published a data visualization saying “states enacted more restrictions on abortion in 2011 and 2012 than in any other years since Roe was decided four decades ago.”

Camp Randall scoreboard bid process called ‘unethical’

A contractor hired by the state to manage a $76.8 million renovation of Camp Randall Stadium agreed to accept a higher bid for a new scoreboard, over a competing offer that an outside consultant advised was of better quality.

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