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Racine murder case gets benefit of teamwork that helps ‘connect the dots’

a report exploring a cold case in Racine involving one of the city’s worst mass shootings. Because of teamwork involving a private homicide review team, charges have now been filed against two men — eight years after the violence that left three people dead and four injured.

Madison cold case gets warmer

The investigation of Andrew Nehmer’s 1986 murder highlights both the opportunities that new technologies present for solving old crimes and the challenges posed by degraded evidence, vanishing witnesses and fading memories.

Map: Wisconsin mass murders

In Wisconsin, guns were involved in all but four of the 29 multiple murders we know of since 1985. At least 105 people died in these incidents.

Minor offenders, major consequences

Wisconsin is one of 13 states that automatically place 17-year-olds in the adult criminal justice system. In the past few years, nearly one-third of states have passed laws to keep more young offenders in the juvenile justice system. But not Wisconsin.

Backpage.com accused of facilitating sex trafficking

More than 50 cases of trafficking or attempted trafficking of minors on Backpage.com have been filed in 22 states in the past three years, says a letter from 45 attorneys general. Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen declined to sign the letter, saying he has “a policy of not publicly announcing the details of ongoing investigations or publicly negotiating private sector cooperation.”

Human trafficking: Learn more, get help

If you suspect you are a victim of human trafficking or have come across a case, don’t hesitate to contact help. Here are lists of resources — and tips on how to identify cases of human trafficking.

Less to complain about?

Wisconsin’s written consumer complaints down in 2009 despite increases nationally

Racial disparities in Wisconsin arrests

The situation facing Dane County indicates a problem that pervades the whole  state.

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