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Walker talks talk on campaign cash

On the cusp of what may be a hugely expensive 2014 governor’s race, Walker sidestepped the question of whether politicians who need to raise large sums might also be led astray.

Watchdog toolkit

Tips on how to gather your own information about lobbying, campaign finance, bills and organizations in Wisconsin.

Podcast: Scraping the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Today we’re continuing our new occasional podcast series with a conversation between the Center’s Kate Golden and freelancer Jake Harper, about his recently published piece showing that over the past decade, Wisconsin Supreme Court justices tended to favor clients whose attorneys had donated to their campaigns, and recused themselves from just 2 percent of cases [...]

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices tend to favor attorney donors

Justice Shirley Abrahamson was the top recipient of support from attorneys whose cases reached the Supreme Court, pulling in $188,650 over the past 11 years, a Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism analysis shows. Overall, justices tended to rule in favor of clients whose attorneys contributed to the justices’ election campaigns.

Supreme Court justices and their attorney donors: About the analysis

How the Center analyzed the relationship between campaign finance data and Wisconsin Supreme Court case outcomes, and a summary of the main findings showing that justices tended to favor their attorney donors.

Visualizations: Walker’s growing out-of-state support

Gov. Scott Walker’s speech in Iowa today is one in a flurry of out-of-state appearances that have stoked talk of a possible presidential run. Jessica Arp of WISC-TV produced a report last night on the situation, using some context provided by the Center.

Walker backs transparency, in theory

Scott Walker isn’t anybody’s idea of a champion of campaign finance reform. But, in a recent interview, he touted donor transparency and called for ending the ability of recall targets to accept unlimited sums.

GAB: threatened with overhaul, praised by advocates

State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, incoming Majority Leader, has been suggesting that the Government Accountability Board should be governed by partisan appointees, rather than the six retired judges who now do the job. “I just don’t think they’re an independent voice at all,” the Republican from Juneau told the Associated Press.
If Republicans are united on that, [...]

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