Your Right to Know: AG’s office could do more on openness

By Jonathan Anderson
Should enforcement of Wisconsin’s open records and open meetings laws depend on individual citizens having to file often costly and protracted lawsuits?
That is one option prescribed under these laws, and those who prevail in such cases can recover attorney’s fees.
But the laws also contain provisions intended to help people resolve disputes in a [...]

Your Right to Know: Walker must answer questions on emails

Apparently, many of the hundreds of open records requests being made of Walker’s county office were going to the Walker campaign for review. Clearly, these were all public records and the campaign should have had no involvement whatsoever in their review or release.

Watchdog toolkit

Tips on how to gather your own information about lobbying, campaign finance, bills and organizations in Wisconsin.

Your Right to Know/Lawmaker contacts shouldn’t be secret

There is a broader issue: the public has a right to know who is saying what to elected officials.

Mentally ill ex-inmates lack treatment, meds

Despite the wake-up call sounded nationwide by recent mass shootings, huge gaps remain in how Wisconsin treats people with mental illnesses who run afoul of the law. State and county officials blame a shortage of psychiatrists, growing demand for services and high medication costs.

Your Right to Know / Don’t shield donor employer info

Grothman’s bill would raise the threshold for when donors to state and local campaigns must disclose their occupations and eliminate the requirement that the donor’s principal place of employment be disclosed.

Open government resources

A list of resources for citizens and government officials regarding open government in Wisconsin.

Your Right to Know / Vukmir wrong on records law

State Sen. Leah Vukmir is making a novel legal argument to dodge a public records request — one that could neuter Wisconsin’s Open Records Law.

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