Campaigns embrace new technologies

Modern information technology is transforming society so fast that what was cutting-edge yesterday seems quaint today. Increasingly sophisticated communication methods are being used in all spheres, including politics.

Congressional candidate cash on rise, too

Jay Heck of Common Cause in Wisconsin says the huge and perhaps record-breaking sums now flowing into Wisconsin’s congressional races owe to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in Citizens United.

Outside cash flows to hot state races

In Wisconsin, the thirstiest race for independent spending is between Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin for the state’s open Senate seat.

Cash is key in Ryan-Zerban (who?) race

Ryan’s challenger, Rob Zerban, thinks events are breaking his way. He notes that Ryan’s ascent into the national limelight has focused attention on his controversial budget proposals: “People are seeing a side of Paul Ryan they’ve never seen before.”

Conference draws 50 frac sand protesters
Conference draws 50 frac sand protesters

More than 50 people gathered Monday to protest frac sand mining outside a conference on the silica sand resources of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Concerns about the health, safety, and environmental impacts of the sudden boom in new industrial sand mining facilities are shared by many across the Upper Midwest.

Colas’ ruling draws outraged responses
Colas’ ruling draws outraged responses

A Dane County judge who struck down parts of the state’s law gutting collective bargaining for some public workers has drawn a spate of letters and phone messages expressing outrage.

Code changes tied to donor group axed

Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal, since aborted, to deep-six building codes requiring electrical safety devices prompted immediate allegations of pay-to-play.

Presidential race: Ads will tell if state’s in play

Either safely Democratic or safely Republican.

Wisconsin television markets have aired $6.1 million in presidential ads. But Wisconsin looks like an electoral thrift store compared to the battleground states like Ohio.

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