Unpaid internships under fire in Wisconsin, nationwide
Unpaid internships under fire in Wisconsin, nationwide

Unpaid interns, and the Wisconsin companies that hire them, are sorting out their options after a recent New York court ruling cast doubts on employers’ widespread practice of relying on eager young workers to perform without pay.

School districts paying $25 million for controversial Common Core standards

Wisconsin’s new Common Core standards for math and English cost the state very little to implement because individual districts are footing the bill, which likely will come to about $25 million.

Wisconsin educators put to the test

Wisconsin school districts will soon be required to evaluate all teachers and principals. Some are using a state-designed model; others are opting for another model designed by a quasi-governmental service agency.

Districts make the choice

Most of the state’s school districts have already decided which of two approved models they intend to use to evaluate the performance of teachers and other educators in the coming school year.

Too easy or too tough?

Some critics of the new Common Core standards embraced by Wisconsin schools feel they set the bar for students too high too early. Others argue that the standards are too easy.

What Common Core requires

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Common Core sets a series of benchmarks for what K-12 students should know and when they should know it. In some cases the standards are similar to those previously used in Wisconsin, which set benchmarks for just fourth, eighth and 12th [...]

New school standards under attack
New school standards under attack

The national standards, developed quietly and adopted by State Superintendent Tony Evers with little controversy in 2010, are now the subject of intense debate in Wisconsin and nationwide.

In some choice schools, disabilities are liability
In some choice schools, disabilities are liability

Critics of school choice, and a pending federal lawsuit, charge that students with disabilities are being underserved by publicly funded vouchers meant to give low-income students in Milwaukee and Racine the chance to have a private education.

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