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Johns Hopkins researchers warn Wisconsinites near large livestock farms of public health, environmental concerns

Six leading researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health are warning northeastern Wisconsin rural residents that over-application of manure at intensive livestock operations could cause them a host of health problems and damage the environment.

Coast Guard tests new methods for heavy oil recovery

In 2011, the Coast Guard tested, off New Jersey’s shoreline, three prototypes for finding, mapping and recovering submerged oil, from three companies that each spent a year on the problem

Spill response ‘inadequate’ for tar sands crude on Great Lakes

A refinery’s proposal to ship heavy crude oil from Superior across the Great Lakes has emergency responders gearing up to bolster gaps in current oil spill response plans. And the gaps are substantial, experts say.

Even while adapting, most Wisconsin farmers are climate skeptics

Even while adapting, most Wisconsin farmers are climate skeptics

The upshot: “First thing about climate change: Don’t talk about climate change,” said UW-Madison researcher Paul Mitchell. “Whatever language you need to use to work with your audience — that’s the language you would use.”

Podcast: On the indefinite commitment of ‘sexually violent persons’

About this series
The Center’s Nora G. Hertel teamed up with Gilman Halsted of Wisconsin Public Radio on “Rethinking Sex Offenders,” a three-day series examining Wisconsin’s changing methods of dealing with sexually violent persons. Find stories, audio, photos and data at this page: Project: Rethinking Sex Offenders.

Involuntary commitment for crimes not (yet) committed. The men of [...]

Disputed expansion of dairy watched for statewide impact

Disputed expansion of dairy watched for statewide impact

In a Green Bay hearing beginning Tuesday, a controversial attempt to expand a dairy farm set to become the fifth largest in Wisconsin will be challenged in a case that could have a far-reaching impact on how Wisconsin regulates industrial-size livestock farms.

DNR vacancies hinder CAFO enforcement

Water-quality advocates say the state Department of Natural Resources’ regulation of large farms, known as concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs, is too lax. DNR acknowledges low staffing levels have strained enforcement efforts, and described the program.

Sex offender awaits second chance

Sex offender awaits second chance

Eric, 39, has been locked up for more than half his life. He finished his criminal sentence and was committed to the state as a sexually violent person in 2002. He has been confined more than twice as long as his original sentence and is now held for the future risk he poses, not for past crimes.

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