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4/1/14- Exciting announcement: Franklin to deliver keynote at Wisconsin Watchdog Awards

3/21/14- Announcing the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Wisconsin Watchdog Award

2/21/14- Center digs into dispute over expansion of dairy

2/5/14- New project: Rethinking sex offenders

12/31/13- Top 10 stories of 2013

12/23/13- New report: Neighbors diverge on health care

12/18/13- Lunchtime Reading: Hormonal wells found in state’s karst region

12/4/13- Be Your Own Watchdog: We’ll help

11/15/13- Weekend reads from

10/2/13- Our impact grows, one story at a time

9/16/13- An eventful week

8/1/13- Evjue Foundation steps up with largest gift from a Wisconsin donor

7/26/13- Groundwater war pits Wisconsin farms against fish

7/1/13- Introducing the WCIJ Education Fund

6/12/13- When students become teachers

5/23/13- Introducing Water Watch Wisconsin

5/10/13- What a celebration!

4/5/13- Deadline nears; please join us for Wisconsin Watchdog Awards!

3/14/13- Sunshine Week

2/18/13- New state law conceals records of abuse, neglect in nursing homes

1/30/13- Wisconsin law increases abortion delays, risk

1/4/13- Top 10 stories of 2012

12/21/12- One more message…

11/29/12- Center seeking Distinguished Wisconsin Watchdog Award nominations

10/31/12- Money, politics and eyeballs

10/10/12- Center examines Wisconsin’s rural retreat — and potential solutions

9/13/12- Center seeks investigative reporting intern

8/27/12 - Our biggest grant unveiled as Center invited to national training program

7/16/12- Center, journalism school share national APME award

6/13/12- Center profiled in new report

5/23/12- The Walker Calendar Files

5/10/12 – Thank you!

4/12/12 – Register now for the Wisconsin Watchdog Awards!

3/23/2012 – Wisconsin receives C- for government accountability

3/2/2012 – Nonprofit news outlets not all the same

2/9/2012 – 2012 Wisconsin Watchdog Awards

1/19/2012 - Gov. Scott Walker: Uniter, Divider

12/21/2011 - Welcome to the newsletter!

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