Map: Wisconsin mass murders

Yesterday a gunman forced his way into a Newport, Conn., elementary school and killed 26 people, 20 of them children, police say.

The tragedy has struck the nation. It has also brought gun issues to the fore and caused us to remember previous multiple murders nationwide and in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, guns were involved in all but four of the 29 multiple murders we know of since 1985. At least 105 people died in these incidents.

The list is the work of Ron Larson, who has maintained it as part of Wisconsin InfoLink on the Center’s website for the past several years. Larson, a part-time blogger for, is a former library director for the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times.

The list includes murders of three people or more.

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  1. Kate Golden says:

    It definitely does. Thanks for the update, Chad — will add when I have a moment.


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